Kaliningrad regional philharmonic hall

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Kaliningrad regional philharmonic hall — the most western philharmonic hall of Russia — settles down in the ancient building being an architectural monument of former Konigsberg. A concert hall of the philharmonic hall is by right considered to be a visiting card of the region, one of its main historical and cultural sights.

There are 400 places, a two-level scene, fine acoustics, an organ of the Czech firm «Riger-Kloss» (3 manuals, 3600 pipes united in 44 registers) in the hall.

The International competition of organists named by M. Tariverdiev is taking place here since 1999.

Concert activity of Kaliningrad philharmonic hall is presented not just by organ music, but by practically all genres of musical art. It is carried out by its own creative structure forces (chamber and concert wind orchestras, jazz ensemble, soloists-vocalists, instrumentalists, soloist-organist H. Inoue), as well as with the assistance of the performers coming to Kaliningrad from the other regions of Russia and from abroad.

Kaliningrad philharmonic hall carries out state policy in the sphere of musical culture consistently and purposefully, propagandizing the best achievements of world and domestic academic music among the general population of the area.

In Kaliningrad philharmonic hall a lot of attention is paid to educational work, and especially — to esthetic education of children and youth. Special musical educational programs: «The whole of family to a concert hall», «Children’s philharmonic hall», «The alphabet of inspiration», «Youth academy of arts» successfully function for this purpose.

And, of course, permanent work of Kaliningrad philharmonic hall in «small» cities and settlements of the area carries out unambiguously cultural and educational character. It is Musical lecture hall: exit concerts, children’s musical performances.

In addition, for pensioners, veterans, large families the philharmonic hall constantly holds benefit concerts and actions (dedicated to the Victory Day, Day of the elderly people, etc.)

Kaliningrad philharmonic hall, which has been territorially located in the center of Europe, – a peculiar crossing of the international tour routes. It has vast work experience on international cooperation. In the philharmonic hall cooperative creative moves of Russian and foreign musicians as well as scaling international festivals: «Musical spring», «The amber necklace», «Jazz in the philharmonic hall», «Russian music on Baltic», the family creativity festival are taking place. The success of this direction is promoted in huge measure by active contacts of Kaliningrad philharmonic hall with the consulate general of Russian neighbor-states across the Baltic Sea of the region — Lithuania, Poland, to Germany, Sweden.

The director of Kaliningrad philharmonic hall — Victor Vasilyevich Bobkov, the national actor of Russia, conductor, arranger, graduate of military and conductor’s faculty of Moscow state conservatory named by P. Tchaikovsky.

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