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Village Gurdon

The Maritime Alps

Not far from Nice in French Riviera a small medieval mountain village Gurdon has settled down. Gurdon is famous for its picturesque parks and rocks. This is one of the most beautiful places in France. The village stands at the rock’s top among the multitude of other rocks, and it seems that it is the only one in the whole world. There are only four streets and slightly more than 300 inhabitants in the village. Tourists come around here very seldom.

Getting in medieval Gurdon is possible by a serpentine road. The road is extremely beautiful passes along the gorge, near olive groves and falls.

At the top of the rock stands a medieval castle of the twelfth century constructed by Provencal earls.

It is Gurdon’s main sight. The castle was built in the XIII century by L. Lombard on the base of Saracenical fortress of the IX century. In 1610 the castle was refreshed. From Saracenical architects in the castle there are still vaulted ceilings, from Provencal earls – huge fireplaces and high walls, as well as round towers. The Renaissance has also left the trace on the castle’s walls – big windows and beautiful doors were constructed. Since 1950 tourists can visit the castle. In the castle there is a historical museum with medieval furniture, gobelins, armor and medieval eastern weapon. In the art gallery of the museum there are some pictures of Rembrandt, including the work «Self-portrait» by Henri Russo.

The castle stands so high above the sea level (758 meters) that floating on the sky clouds immerse it in a fantastic fog for some minutes. In the houses, which are restored, refreshed and located on very small and narrow streets, took place cafes, restaurants and shops.

A garden, which surrounds the castle is only three century old. The garden was plant by Louis the Lombard that had decided to argue with Gurdon’s stony fruitless mountains. His experience was successful.

For embodiment in life his idea, Louis the Lombard had to spend considerable amount of gold, as well as hard long-term work of peasants and stonemasons. Workers had erected stone archers and arranged on them horizontal terraces with the fertile earth. On the terraces had planted regular gardens with various plants and trees, on one terrace there was only one species of plants.

On the highest terrace, having upraised its branches into the sky, the French garden was stretched – it is a labyrinth of box bushes, over which stretched the spherical kroner centenary lindens.

Below, directly over the gulf, the Italian garden was stretched, where box bushes are cut in the form of huge mushrooms and peas.

Beds on terraces are of ideally correct form, surrounded with a strict fence, grass is dense and carefully cleaned.

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